Clinical Development International Pty Ltd
T/As Chiropractic Development International
13/176 Fox Valley Road
Wahroonga, NSW 2076
T: 61 2 9489 9984
F: 61 2 9489 0162

ABN: 91 102 745 844



CDI will make you an inspired chiropractor.

CDI will make you a better chiropractor.

CDI will make you an informed chiropractor.

We equip chiropractors with the latest scientific knowledge, cut-through
communication skills and
diagnostic mastery.

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Complete Your CPD Online With CDI.

You've got two new ways to earn your CPD.
Gaining your annual CPD points has never been easier. Join our free online community SOCIUS and earn Informal Hours straight away. Or purchase ACADEMIA* credit hours for our premiere online learning experience, and earn all of your Formal Hours without leaving home.

*Scroll down to learn about an ACADEMIA membership
Automatically record your CPD.
When you spend time inside SOCIUS you can gain valuable CPD points. Look for the "Log CPD Now" button on each page and record your activity. You can even log other non-CDI activities, such as seminars or journal reading. Then review your portfolio at any time and print on-demand. Your MyCPD Portfolio is a free service for all members.
SOCIUS. Sign up for free and enjoy immediate benefits.
There's a lot to see and do inside SOCIUS. You can watch video interviews with experts, learn with your colleagues on our Clinical Case Forum, post your own questions, discuss a tricky case, read articles or scan the advertisements for a practice position. So come and join your colleagues from all over the world.
How do I join?
Joining SOCIUS takes about a minute. Just click on the 'Join SOCIUS Now' button below and fill out the form. Your username and password will be emailed to you and your MyCPD portfolio will be automatically created. If you've already decided that you'd like to subscribe to ACADEMIA, then you can do so securely via PayPal as soon as you've signed up.
Watch example video
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A library of Clinical Masterclasses. Online, any time.

Premium Content
ACADEMIA is our premier online learning experience. Simply purchase Credit Hours and a huge library of learning activities awaits you.
Choose one of our video-based eLearning Episodes, and challenge your diagnostic thinking as we walk you through a real world clinical case. Or perhaps you'd prefer to work your way through one of our Drills in Diagnostic Thinking or Communication Skills. We will show you how to create professional correspondence that will get you noticed and help to build your professional reputation.

A block of 13 Credit Hours will allow you to fulfil all of your formal CPD requirements (in Australia and other jurisdictions listed on the CPD/CE page) for only
AUD $250 (+GST in Aust). You can pay securely online via PayPal. Once you have purchased your Credit Hours you can use them however you wish. Each formal activity in the library costs either 1 or 2 Credits and you receive the equivalent Formal Learning Hour recognition. Once completed, you will be provided with a certificate.

We have a huge number of topics available in the ACADEMIA library, with more added every month. There are currently
101 Formal hours available, with just as many opportunities to gain Informal hours for time spent on our Forum, reading blog articles or watching interviews in SOCIUS. To keep informed about new content on the site just 'Like' us on Facebook.
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See list of eLearning Episodes
See list of Communication Drills
See list of Diagnostic Drills
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It's all about the case.

CDI's approach to education is unique. Clinical professionals are used to learning every day during their patient encounters - by solving problems and answering relevant questions.

Therefore we take the latest evidence-based information and weave it through tailored clinical cases. We avoid dry Powerpoint-style presentations and engage you with patient stories and fantastic visuals. This makes learning easy, fun and memorable.

CDI's programs are fully accredited in Australia by the CAA. You'll receive a formal certificate after completing each activity. Better yet, your MyCPD Portfolio will automatically keep track of every learning activity you complete and give you a running total at any time. You can even record
non-CDI activities, such as other seminars, journal reading or professional meetings by manually entering them in your Portfolio.
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